Mercy Flamenca 

                                                                                                       Carmen de la Luna, Sacromonte, Spain

                                                                                                      Carmen de la Luna, Sacromonte, Spain

When she was three years old,  she started dancing all over her house which included the dining table and any wooden surfaces!! You can imagine her mom's horror! She lived in Mexico and her mom took her to the best dancing school around the corner from where she lived and that is where it all began...

She learned Tap dancing, Ballet, Jazz & Hawaiian Hula Dancing. When she was a teenager, she stumbled across Flamenco dancing and she knew this was THE dance form that she wanted to embrace.  

She has traveled the world to study with some of the Greatest Flamenco Artists. Some of these were Carmela Greco, Timo Lozano, Adela Campallo, Omayra Amaya, Inmaculada Ortega, Maria Bermudez, Marisol Encinias, La Meira, Maria Juncal, Rosa Zaragoza, Alfonso Losa, Jesus Carmona, David Coria, Ivan Vargas.... 

She has been privileged to share the stage with international figures including Marisol Encinias, Timo Lozano, Maria Bermudez...  

In 2016 she founded UNDEBEL FLAMENCO HOUSTON. A Flamenco production company that aims to promote arts but also to educate and empower the community. She partners with business owners from restaurants, wine bars, coffee shops, non profits, clothing stores etc around the city to produce wonderful events to bring a big crowd! Although her focus is to produce shows locally she also produces shows internationally, working with artists from all over the world!

No matter how small or big the audience is, there is always one common factor: passion. Her shows are always tailored to the audience, so there is always that magic moment when improvisation meets perfection!

She is currently serving as an ambassador for ECHO ORCHESTRA HOUSTON ( as she is always looking to collaborate with other musical and dancing forms to continue growing and innovating in her art.

She is the flamenco teacher at MECA HOUSTON where she currently teaches flamenco dancing classes to kids & adults. For more info about the classes visit